Sectional titles – a webinar trilogy

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We present in-depth and well-researched webinars, presented by experts in the field.

The price includes the webinar AND a comprehensive reference manual (sent electronically).


Webinar 1: Planning and opening a sectional title register

Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, this webinar will leave you well equipped to execute various options when opening a sectional title register, to enter into mandates with developers, and to expand your sphere of influence by accepting more lucrative and specialised work.

Webinar 2: Subdivision, consolidation and extension of sections and exclusive use areas and certain Registration Acts pertaining to real rights of extension 

In this webinar, we look at the process and manner of subdivision, consolidation and extension of a section(s); how to create the same effect as a subdivision, consolidation or extension of an exclusive use area; and how to subdivide, consolidate or extend a real right of extension.  We also delve into the possibility and execution of partition agreements relating to sections, exclusive use areas and real rights of extension.

You will receive a comprehensive set of notes which can serve as your go-to manual if you have to deal with any of the transactions discussed therein.  All the topics are supported by examples and practical case studies.  The Sectional Titles Amendment Bill, in so far as it pertains to the relevant topics under discussion, is also dealt with.

Webinar 3: Common property – Various possible Registration Acts 

The specific content of this webinar will be available by March 2023, DV.


Course Content

Webinar 1 - Planning and opening a sectional title register

For more information on the content of the webinar, have a look at the detailed Table of Contents at the top of the green block to the right.  Below is a summary:

Webinar Content

  1. Crucial questions to ask and discussions to have with a developer at your first meeting.
  2. Essential principles to consider in the drafting of a standard agreement of sale for the sale of a sectional title unit.
  3. The roles of other professionals involved in a sectional scheme development, such as town planners and land surveyors.
  4. The statutory right of pre-emption of existing tenants in a building to be sectionalised.
  5. The interpretation of sectional plans and other official documents.
  6. Encroachments indicated on a sectional plan.
  7. Amendment of the rules of the proposed scheme.
  8. The reservation of a real right to extend and of the creation of exclusive use areas.
  9. The opening of a scheme on more than one piece of land.
  10. The process for the opening of a sectional title register – a broad overview.
  11. The documents to be lodged for the opening of a sectional title register – discussion and analysis, with examples.
  12. The documents to be lodged for the registration of an amending sectional plan of extension of a scheme by the addition of sections – discussion and analysis, with examples.
  13. The exercising of the right of extension within the parameters of its reservation.
  14. What will it cost your client?  An understanding of the recommended fees you may charge and fee negotiations with the developer.

Course Content

Let's get practical

Webinar 1's content is illustrated by the discussion of three case studies.


  • The opening of a sectional title scheme with the reservation of a real right of extension


  • The above scheme and the eventual exercise of the real right of extension


  • The opening of a sectional title scheme with the reservation of exclusive use areas

Course Content


  • Webinars are presented from 8:00-13:00 on Zoom.

  • You'll receive a comprehensive set of notes, annexures and examples in the form of a manual available in English or Afrikaans.  Afrikaans manuals come with English examples.

  • You’ll find our manuals and examples to be a very helpful guide in the office.

Course Content

Our promise

  • Be equipped to execute various possibilities with sectional title registrations with expertise.

  • Negotiate confidently with developers, thoroughly understand the entire process and be better prepared for problems that may arise.

  • Whether you are at the start of your career in conveyancing or have been practicing for many years, this webinar series will deal comprehensively with different sectional title registrations and expand your field of expertise.

Course Content

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